Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Stranger

I usually like to set up a poem for the readers. It's kind of a way of telling you what I was thinking about, or which direction I thought you should look when listening to, or reading one of the poems on this blog. So, having said that, It may be better if you just read it and take from it whatever you put into it, you know, what place you saw, what sound you heard, what kind of wine you held in your hand.
 I could be wrong may be just a little bit arrogant to think you should point someone in a particular direction...they're the ones who are reading it. Why should they want to see it from someone else's point of view.
So, having said that. I'm just happy that you took the time to read the poems and little short story/stuff you find on here. It really is all about you guys who take the time to read it.
This one is called "The Stranger."

Let me know what you saw...what you heard.

The Stranger

No-one knew what to expect
What the world might expect
From someone like you

When you walked into the room
The air filled in around you
Like you filled a void

The crowd relaxed
As though you
Made the scene complete
As though we were waiting
For someone like you

Our clothes uncomfortable
Our books unread
Our eyes against  one another
Misdirection, no direction, this direction, that

Whether it was your intention
Or just the weight of your presence
You were pulling us across space
And waiting for us to notice

Your light shining at the top of your tower
Warning those that might fly over
That there would be no safe landing

Someone from the crowd introduced you and
The room grew quiet
Murmur, whispered awe

Listening for your words
Watching your face

Of course, your betrayal
Was effortless
Brilliant and succinct
Your hair was perfect
And your eyes were jaded
Your smile tattooed

You were tailored, brushed and cut
A flash of gold on your cuff
A flash of sincerity in your words

And though you looked like us
We knew

That someone like you
Could never be someone like us
We knew what we expected
And we knew where we were from
We listened politely and shook our heads
Our cues taken from the injected humor
And we turned our backs
And we finished our drinks
Small sandwiches on tiny napkins
Watching you work the room  
And we secretly wished
We could be
But never would be