Monday, December 10, 2012

When Darkness Comes

 As a new year rushes toward us, we often look back and try to remember the time that seems to have washed beneath us as though we were nothing more than driftwood, pulling away from the shore, only to return again, as the waves of daily life push us toward the sand.
 We think of the people we met, the friends we lost and the family members that fill our memories with love and happiness, the feelings of a life well lived, and the prospects of the life still ahead.
 And we think of the people in our lives that fade into the distance, there one day, and gone the next, leaving us to wonder if we will ever see them again.

When Darkness Comes


Light fades from your eyes

Like water from the shore

Pulling away to touch the sand

Of another place

Another time and space

I breathe the air you push away

And listen for the words

You forgot to say

Your voice

Like a falling wing

I have forgotten

The momentary Illusion of life

A moon disappearing into the daylight sky

Left here among the living

We wait for the turn

For there are other worlds to see

Another us to be

Yet somehow among the stars

I feel your living pulse

I feel your reaching hand

And I see through the night

I remember

And I rejoice

For there was a time

I knew you

I feel I know you still

It was not a dream

And when the darkness comes

Two moons are there for me

In the quiet of the night

Your eyes are what I see

Tony Whitford 11/30/2012