Friday, January 8, 2016

Something to think about.

Something to think about.
As I watched the news this morning with my usual sense of awe and disgust of the irrationalities we as humans seem to impose against one another, I began to voice my opinions to the television, the dog and anyone else that would listen. Or at least pretend to. The dog only looks at me with those sad old eyes, the television certainly could care less and everyone else in the house merely shakes their head in agreement. I am convinced that they aren’t ...really listening anyway. Who wants to listen to the diatribe of a middle aged man first in the morning? I’m not sure I do at this point. I simply can’t help myself. Who doesn’t feel as if they have all of the answers? It certainly is easy, resting in the comfort of my Lazy-Boy Recliner. (Tony Whitford does not receive compensation for this product placement. It should also be said that he would accept compensation if said compensation were offered.) Let’s see where was I?

So let’s say for the sake of…discussion, that you were reading a science fiction novel. In this novel you learn of an advanced life form that rises from the mud of their existence to build sprawling civilizations across the planet they inhabit. They soon begin to question their existence. The meaning of life and the reasons for their morality and mortality, the lack of each and the purpose of their lives. And of course the fear of the unknown. Because of the need for answers they begin to believe that they have tapped into the realm of a supreme being who can answer these questions and give reason to the evil acts of their fellow lifeforms. To fill in the blanks that cannot be explained due to their own unavoidable ignorance so to speak. They call this new Supreme Being Zog.

As time goes by a number of the inhabitants of this world believe that Zog wants them to kill the lifeforms living across the valley (This is a lush, mountainous area, filled with wildlife and beauty) because they worship Zog differently than them. They soon begin to wage war against one another, burning the valley and killing the backwards, wrong believing, Zog loving enemy in an attempt to wipe them from the planet. Of course the lifeforms from across the valley retaliate and vow to see to the destruction of the other wrong believers. This begins an endless cycle of destruction, temple building, and the blowing up of said temples. Of course along the way they build weapons of war far greater and more terrible than any lifeform has ever seen, using all of the resources that help feed and house them. Which as you well know leads to the overall, ridiculous and inevitable collapse of their world.

How does that sound to you? Stupid? Absurd? Guess what? Yeah that’s right, you guessed it. You live across the valley. What do you say we leave Zog out of it and learn to live on this rock without the hatred, war, starvation, should I go on? Or maybe it’s just a novel and there are no similarities to us. You decide.
Tony Whitford