Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things to do

How can we find the time to do the things we want to do (need to do).

Where does one find the space, the money, the freedom, to fulfill their dreams, escape from reality, and run through the fields of nevermore? Well, the reality of this is, I don't know if you can. Sure, if you were independently wealthy you might. But would you really appreciate it? Maybe it's the need to see everything and touch every texture of life that keeps us pushing ahead to a better ... you. Maybe it's the fact that some things, some dreams, can or never will  be, and that keeps us stepping into the future with a sense of hope.

I don't know about you, but I have so many things to do...

Things to do

All of the things I want to do sit in a pile before me

The stack has grown so tall

I can no longer reach the top

Without the aid of a ladder

The things at the bottom of the pile

Date back to my childhood

Something that seems so very long ago

These are barely remembered

Or, forgotten

Among them lies, a song

The Grand Canyon, wolves on a rise

Silhouetted by a pale yellow moon

Horses running on a field of grass

A doctor, a poet, scientific discovery

Paintings and instruments leaning in a corner

Furniture to be built

Planes to be flown

Fly line playing out behind Bonefish, slashing clear water

Garden paths of stone

A hooded raptor resting on my arm

Books to read

Stories to write

People to meet

Collections and photographs

Houses to design

Schools and cars

Rebuild an old Harley

I jot the newest of them down

Climb the ladder

And add it to the pile

A few of the newer ones tumble down

I descend, pick one up and read it

A trip to Scotland

I weigh it in my hand. (nice one)

I add it back to the pile

Right where I can see it

And go to work

© 2011 Tony Whitford