Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Red White and Blue Son

I fought for this corner

Splitting my take was unacceptable

So I fought for the right to own it

And won

So now I keep it all

For me and mine

Food for my thoughts

You have more

You worked for it

But I work for mine too


Flying a cardboard flag

One arm makes it harder to hold

Harder to fold

I tried to keep a job

Though sometimes I see things

That make it hard to do

But I don’t complain

I walk the holy ground

My brothers helped defend

Some of them can’t walk at all


Need help

Homeless vet

Most people think it’s a scam

Too lazy to work

Must be crazy

Eyes averted

You see me

Watching the light

Doesn’t make it go away


I try to stay clean

I have a toothbrush in my pocket

Gas station bathrooms

Bottled water

Hotel rooms

Stained and broken

Wash my clothes when I can


Can’t help this time

That’s okay

I’ll be here tomorrow

Flying my flag

Standing under the red, white, and blue sun

Still here

Still proud

Try to take me down

My colors don’t run


Tony Whitford © 8/10/2015




Thursday, August 6, 2015



 I tried not to say the words

Tried not to speak

Tried not to hear my thoughts

The noise they would release

My mind would not be silent

My heart would not be quiet

No amount of meditation

Could convince them to be still 

No sleep

The words continued

No gate

The words contained

Broke through the wall of will

Like water crashing from the sky

And as the words fell between us

I saw it in your eyes

The light that filled my rooms with hope

Began to dim

A joy you held so near

Felt smaller now

Pulled at the seams

Less important

And frayed

Betrayed by my words out of place


If I could take this moment

And change it back to then

If I could pull them back

Change them in some way

They would not be the words

I choose today

But the past cannot be swayed

The line must read the same

They remain throughout our lives

Lying between us

The dust will not cover them

The weeds will not grow

Great stones have given way

And I see them everyday

I tried not to say the words

Tried not to speak

Tried not to hear my thoughts

The noise they would release


Tony Whitford 7/22/2015 ©