Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Atlantis Sleeps

Atlantis sleeps
Cold and deep
The silent and blue
She is a victim of the shifting earth
The rising tides
The agents of destruction
Ringing bells of sin

Above her on a sea of concrete
Extraordinary beings swim the reefs of steel
Heads bowed to the gods of circuit and screen
In the distance the sound of a horse
Breathing the thin dark air
Plumes of mist rise from its nostrils
Golgotha his name, black as night, strong of heart

His rider waits
Standing beside his withered shanks, tattered cloth
Hair and blood, beard and bone
He watches the waves
Watching from the dark shore
An agent of destruction
Patient behind the dunes
Listening for the bells

The water rises
The horse sidles, lifting his head, ears scissoring
His rider mounts, tack creaking
Blade gleaming
Salt mist in their eyes
Silence now
Not even a dog
The bells begin