Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oil Beneath The Sand

He couldn't understand his failures
It was as though ashes were falling from the sky
Intent on burying his pathetic attempt to build
To reach
To move
Nothing would load
Why would a god that called himself a shepherd
Allow so many to wander lost
It was a question that many would toss at the devil
But these kinds of thoughts served no-one
And no-one would ever see his greatest accomplishment of all
But it didn't matter
He closed his eyes again
Allowing himself to feel nothing more than the buzz of the booze
Feeling himself slip into the void

Every night a voice from another world
Would call him from a fitful sleep
A world of smoke and blood
Burning tires and shouting men
Pulling him into a nightmare where a cell phone lit up the sky
With burning steel and ball bearings
A world of sand and the sounds of bullets singing past your head
Supersonic,  stereophonic,  madness
The smell of gasoline and rubber burning
Choking your eyes and throat
The cries of your brothers trapped in a medieval sandcastle
Where life seemed to have stopped in the fifteenth century
Did enough people die to keep the oil pump flowing
How many did it take

Sheets wrapped around his thighs
He kicked out and threw his legs to the floor
He could feel his finger still trying to pull the trigger
Yanking on the steel that wasn’t there
He could feel the barrel burning his hand
Searching  the floor for another clip
Falling from the edge of the bed when the sound of a oil barrel exploding
Pulled him back to the day he signed up

The few
The proud
The defenders of the faith
The defenders of SUV's, Baseball, and Rock and Roll
The defenders of the oil
Those people didn’t give a shit about that
We gave them weapons and they killed us with them
Great plan
Great fucking plan
Oil beneath the sand
Who knew it would lead to this
Shaking in a dark room
The smell of oil smoke in his nose
Morpheus pulling his veins apart
Crawling under the bed
Digging through debris under the Humvee
Lightning cracking through the clouds
Rain tapping on the window like bullets on sheet metal
Oil dripping from the sky
Burning when it hits the ground

He pulled himself up from the floor
And made his bed
Pulling on his boots he thought
Today's going to be different
I'm going to lay off the hooch
Stay off the dirty boogie
His right hand trembled
A synthetic vibration
A sympathetic realization
Who's  gonna be my shepherd
God…are you out there
He wiped the sleep from his eyes
Slapped his thighs
Time to roll
Time to rocket
He pulled his keys off the hook by the door
Grabbed his helmet
And with the smell of oil smoke still burning in his nose
He hit the road
Time waits for no man
Like the oil beneath the sand