Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Water Never Lasts

Few have left the battle
None have ever won
Rusting swords still rattle
Bring you bullets, join the fun

Lawyers, blood, and money
Fill this paper lovers dreams
Swim through mud to find them
In a dying magazine

On a hill far away
From a room yesterday
Out of space
Out of time
Out of money
Out of mind

Be the veil, be the bride
With a word we divide
Out of money
Out of time
We’re out of space
Never mind

Someone bring the wine this time
The water never last
Wrapped in secret smoke we climb
The mountains of the past

Mother television can you
Tell me what to know
Tape my eyes wide open
I don’t want to miss the show

Take my hand and love me
Can you tell me where to go
I’m afraid I’m ordinary
Temporary, I don’t know


Tony Whitford © 5/20/2015

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